About Us

WHO WE ARE We are highly experienced team of software developers as well as experienced petroleum field proffessionals, with unique skills in technical analysis and petroleum measurements.


We build relationships with our clients by focusing on the following key principles in every assignment.

  • Quality: Our insight through experience, combined with our analytical and software development skills have best delivered results for our clients.
  • Objectivity: We approach every assignment in an objective, precise and accurate manner while adhreing to required petroleum standards.
  • Accuracy: We believe in accurate results while retaining simplicity for our clients.
  • Flexibility: We believe in conducting our work in an open, flexible and transparent way.
  • Confidentiality: We understand the sensitivity of the data that we process, hence we adhere to the strict code of confiidentiality for our clients and other parties.


Suzerian Consultancy team has an extensive experience (20+ years) in the field of oil and gas flow measurement and calculations.

Our team member have wide ranging experience in software development, service management, outsourcing and can apply practical knowledge of what works for you and your organization to address your specific needs. Suzerian Consultancy continuously add value and support the clients to achieve best accurate volume measurement and minimise fiscal losses.

  • Software Skill: We have highly Skilled and experience software developer team
  • Analytical Skill: We have highly educated team such as our team members has experience in the field of research and development as well as algorithm development.
  • Industry Skill: Our team member has vast experience in the field of Oil & Gas Metering, Calibration and Validation as well as Terminal operation management.
  • Our Technology: We use all latest technologies Viz. CSS, HTML 5, PHP, JAVA, JAVA Script, Node JS, C++, Andriod, Kotlin, postgres, MySQL and MSSQL
  • Affordable and Flexible: We develop software on affordable costing as well as We are flxible as per client custmisation requirment.
  • Accuracy: we make our software highly accuarte and as per client requirement.